Kelp Science

Mohammad Sedarat‘s Ph.D. work: 

Here’s the kelp restoration research happening now in the Smith Lab at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, UC San Diego.
Image: Jenny Adler


Uncovering the Impact of Climate Change on Kelp Health:

How do rising ocean temperatures, driven by climate change, affect the health and dynamics of kelp beds in San Diego?
Image: Jenny Adler


Deciphering the Genetic Role in Thermal Response:

Do genetic variations in San  Diego kelp beds impact their ability to withstand ocean warming?
Image: Jenny Adler

Unveiling Embryonic Thermal Tolerance:

How do microscopic life stages of kelp respond to ocean heat waves?
Can we preserve kelp diversity before the next heatwave?
Image: Pichaya Lertvilai

Assessing Field Survival of Kelp Transplants:

How do transplanted kelp fare in new environments and is there a link to their thermal tolerance?
Image: Michael Borchard